At Gloyeske Acupuncture Pointe, we strive to harmonize the body, the mind, and the spirit by treating the body as a whole with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


How Acupuncture Works

Scientific Approach

Recent research has shed light on how acupuncture works from a scientific perspective. In a study looking into the effects of acupuncture on muscle inflammation, manual acupuncture turned off pro-inflammatory cells, as well as, activating anti-inflammatory cells. The result of this type of activity is a reduction in pain and swelling. It is essentially activating the body’s own immune system to stimulate healing by creating a parasympathetic (rest and digest) environment.

Eastern Approach

The body is made up of channels, collaterals, and acupoints, and the corresponding organs to those channels, collaterals, and acupoints. Points are used in conjunction with the patient’s complaints, as well as using Chinese diagnostics to determine the best point prescription. This will balance the body’s Qi,Yin, and Yang.