Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop: Gratitude

Connect deeply to a spirit of gratitude in this yoga & acupuncture-enhanced experience. The perfect way to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays. Register online!

Yoga & Acupuncture with Jaimie Ross, RYT & Adam Gloyeske, LAC

Realign with this unique self-care workshop.  Flow through an hour of energizing and empowering yoga for all levels.  We will wrap up the workshop with an acupuncture-enhanced savasana, designed to keep you feeling grounded and present, both mentally and physically.   Register online!

In My Shoes

It has been a good while since the last time I’ve blogged, but I’ve been encouraged to start it back up, again. I have covered the main channels and organs that are associated with different conditions/symptoms and what I look for when treating patients, blah, blah, blah. For this blog, I wanted to be transparent … Read moreIn My Shoes


Hey everyone, I’ve been pretty busy over the last month, so instead of focusing on the Spleen/Stomach channels this month I wanted to give you a blog that could have a pretty immediate impact on your health and well-being. I’ll continue with the Spleen/Stomach next month…or day. Again, playing fast and loose with the monthly … Read moreWalking